Welcome to The St. Clair Hearts Foundation

Our Focus

Go to Heroes


Above all, we focus on assisting the many U.S. veterans whose sacrifice has ended in homelessness or, who needs that fresh start with education or employment to meet their lifelong goals.

Go to Hearts


Because home means more than housing, we focus on addressing the unique psychological and spiritual needs of every individual

Go to Life


Life is all about meeting goals. The St. Clair Hearts Foundation will help lay the building blocks for Veterans in making their goals a reality.

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Our Mission Statement

Assisting Veterans seeking improvements in their life

Fostering the fresh-start local Veterans need to revive their life, transitioning to viable employment, education, and a place to call home.

  • To help lay the foundation for good and lasting homes.

  • To assist individuals in finding and acquiring the resources for a stable and sufficient income

  • To offer Veterans the funds, supplies, and assistances necessary to advancing educations

  • To provide any unique services necessary to help each individual maintain a fulfilled and healthy life

Guidestar "gold" Seal of Transparency.

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