Welcome to The St. Clair Hearts Foundation

Our Focus

Go to Heroes


Above all, we focus on assisting the many U.S. veterans whose sacrifice has ended in homelessness, helping to provide housing, furniture, and employment opportunities

Go to Hearts


Because home means more than housing, we focus on addressing the unique psychological and spiritual needs of every individual

Go to Families


We focus on the homeless families of both veterans and non-veterans, helping all children receive the nourishment, clothing, and education they deserve

To Contribute

Our Mission

We are leaving no one behind ______________

The Foundation has been established to assist individuals and families in breaking the chain of homelessness through proper assistance. The Foundation plans on helping a few individuals and families at a time. The Foundation will support these families primarily through assistance with living accomodations, basic services, job finding assistance and education. We believe that a program highly focused on assisting the right individuals with fair living accomodations and educational support will be able to eventually break the chain of poverty and homelessness for these families. The Foundation's goal is for these families to be able to support themselves and to eventually help others achieve similar results.

  • To help lay the foundation for good and lasting homes through furniture, maintenance, and financial aid

  • To assist individuals in finding and acquiring the resources for a stable and sufficient income

  • To offer both children and adults the funds, supplies, and assistances necessary to advancing educations

  • To provide any unique services necessary to help each individual maintain a fulfilled and healthy life

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